The Common

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    Marsfield Common was a proposal by two community-based organisations, Eastwood Rugby and North Ryde RSL, to renew the TG Millner Field site by creating 132 low-rise, diverse homes and a new public park for the local community.

    Regrettably, the TG Millner rugby fields are now largely unused. The privately-owned site is at risk of either overdevelopment or decline. Marsfield Common sought to best reconnect today’s community to the site through new neighbours, new local access, new opportunities, and new ideas.

    The proposal included community benefits such as:

    • new site-appropriate terrace houses of no more than 2 storeys;
    • specifically designed parkland and recreational spaces open to the local community on 15% of the site;
    • social purpose through the offer of a $5million key worker housing contribution to the community;
    • more trees and landscaping, including tree canopy coverage of 65% of the site, and;
    • state-of-the art digital innovation.

    The Marsfield Common proposal was submitted to Council on 18 May 2022, addressing all the matters raised by Council officers in pre-lodgement discussions and was supported and praised by Ryde Council officers in the original planning stages. While Council officers worked to meet the timeframes set out in the relevant legislation, Ryde Council did not meet the statutory deadlines it was required to meet to consider the planning proposal. The proposal was subsequently submitted to the NSW Government via the Department of Planning and Environment for consideration by the relevant Sydney District Planning Panel in December 2022. The Panel refused the application on the basis of advice from Council that the site was likely to be acquired for public open space purposes in the near future.


    132 low-rise and low-density terrace houses.

    New 1-hectare public park on 15% of the site.

    Over 2,000m2 of varied play space for all ages and abilities.

    700m2 + of multi-purpose sports and leisure courts.

    An additional 570 trees to be planted and 65% canopy cover over the site.

    A $5 million contribution to the creation of affordable housing in Ryde


    To boost the supply of affordable housing in the City of Ryde, a $5million contribution was proposed to be made to Council to be applied towards key worker affordable housing.

    It was also planned to dedicate to the City of Ryde and the local community a 1 hectare public park, containing over 2,000m2 of varied play space for all ages and abilities and 700m2 of multi-purpose sports and leisure courts for sports such as volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, badminton and table tennis. The park would have made up 15% of the site.

    Greening Our City

    For a cooler canopy and to protect the environment, Marsfield Common planned to plant at least 570 new trees throughout the site. That meant that 65% of the site would have been be covered by tree canopy, providing shared comfort, habitat and ‘better lungs’ for the district.

    An Update on the TG Millner site

    On 21 November 2022, Ryde Council initiated a non-exclusive negotiation process to purchase the TG Millner site from the North Ryde RSL. Both North Ryde RSL and Eastwood Rugby Club are open to Ryde Council acquiring the site for the community at fair market value. As no agreement was reached for Council to purchase the TG Millner site before 22 May 2023 deadline, Council may proceed with the compulsory acquisition process.

    Throughout this process, it has been made clear that the TG Millner site cannot stay as it is. As a private facility owned by North Ryde RSL, TG Millner is losing money every year and has done so for the last 30 years. The Clubs – who have a duty to their members – are continuing to explore a range of options for the site to ensure the ongoing success of these two community organisations.

    North Ryde RSL and Eastwood Rugby Club are comfortable with Ryde Council acquiring the site at fair market value for the surrounding community. Since the end of the non-exclusive negotiation period, Ryde Council has written to the Minister for Local Government seeking permission to issue a PAN (Property Acquisition Notice) and compulsorily acquire the site. To date, we are unaware if Council has received a response from the Minister in relation to its request.

    A Council purchase will help Eastwood Rugby to build and maintain its new grounds, grow the game of rugby in Sydney and ensure the club a healthy future for years to come, while enabling North Ryde RSL to enhance its offering to its members at its current North Ryde location.

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